Property Tax

Ad Valorem Tax Management, led by Mr. Bang Le who has been aggressively reducing property taxes since 1987, has turned property tax protesting into a science.

Our team of researchers, administrative personnel, account managers, and tax valuation consultants have been compiling and tracking information on billions of dollars in property assessments every day.  This information is instantly available for us to apply to your specific needs, thanks to our state-of-the-art computing systems.

Our specialists begin by drilling into Local and National market data of Commercial and Industrial properties.  We dissect the income and expenses from your property, estimate its replacement cost, and evaluate whether assessed values are equitable when compared to other properties.  We also look for flaws in your tax assessor's methods, errors in their data, plus problems in location, market preferences, or other issues that might adversely affect your property tax assessment.

This painstaking process is aimed at one result...  lower property assessments, thus savings you taxes.

In addition to our full-time research team that covers primary market areas, we've created specialized teams of experts for each type of commercial and industrial property.  Their extensive knowledge and experience works for you in each step of the appraisal and appeal process.

You want the greatest tax savings possible.  In today's market, that means you need the experts who treat Tax Protesting as a science.  You need a company that's always a step ahead with the technology, to keep you a step ahead of the assessor.  You need the most aggressive property tax protest firm anywhere.